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Memorial Garden Day Update

On September 9, 2023, we extended a heartfelt invitation to our neighbors, relatives, friends, and anyone who had the privilege of knowing Aaron to come together and embark on a truly special journey - the creation of a memorial garden.

This garden is a testament to our enduring love and everlasting memories of our beloved son, Aaron Khan, who departed from this world on May 6, 2023.

In preparation for this heartfelt endeavor, our family, with the guidance of an art instructor from Gorge Mark House, a place that held a special spot in Aaron's heart, came together to craft a beautiful memorial pole. This was the seed of an idea that would eventually grow into the memorial garden we envisioned in our backyard.

Our family, joined by cherished friends - Bonny June, Mary Alden, Charlynn Atman, and myself - convened to brainstorm the elements of this garden that would truly capture the essence of Aaron's spirit. Together, we carefully selected spots that held deep meaning for Aaron and decided where to plant his favorite flowers, where to place serene fountains, and how to incorporate other elements that would reflect Aaron's life.

With our vision in hand, we turned to my cousin, Engineer Yoseph Tesfasleassie, who skillfully translated our dreams onto paper, creating a simple yet beautiful design that anyone could follow, ensuring that our labor of love would take root on the day of the garden's creation.

On the morning of September 9, 2023, an incredible group of people gathered, arriving at 8 AM and working tirelessly until almost 9 PM. They brought not only their expertise but also their boundless love, heartfelt dedication, and the tools needed to bring this garden to life. The day was filled with condolences, shared stories, communal food, and gardening decorations, and every individual poured their hearts into this remarkable project.

Having Aaron's teachers, nurses, and para-educator present was truly invaluable. This project was always intended to be a shared experience, but it turned out to be more astounding than we ever could have imagined. Every visit to our garden now serves as a vivid reminder of our son, yes, but it's also a living testament to the love we shared, the stories we told, and the bond we formed with our community.

We initiated this garden with the intention of remembering Aaron's life together and mourning our loss as a collective. Loss is a deeply personal experience, but it also resonates throughout the community. This memorial garden has become a miraculous gift from our community to us, one that we will cherish every time we step into it. It's also a gift from our family to our community, one we hope will be remembered for generations to come.

We express our heartfelt gratitude to every person who participated in our memorial garden project on this unforgettable day. May our garden continue to flourish and evolve, reflecting the dreams we all held for it, all in honor of Aaron's memory.


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