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Having a child presents new responsibilities for parents. As parents, we practice having different roles in our children's lives. From being a breadwinner to ensuring our kids have everything, they need to thrive in their homes, schools, community, and society. And we can all agree that raising children is not easy, although it brings to us so much joy. Here are some resources to help you through your parenthood journey.

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How to advocate for your Special needs child 

When you have a child with special needs, the role of a parent doubles; it brings with it a lot of challenges because, on top of everything any parent does for their kids, parents now must learn to be more for their children. Being an immigrant also brings with it more challenges.

1. Who are special needs?
2. Inner and outer conflict
3. How to tame our emotions
4. Parents as advocates

From Inspiration to Impact: Nurturing Hope in the Special Needs Community
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