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Here we are at the end of a three week long intensive therapy at Napa Center. Today was our last day. With goal achieved for this trip.

First and foremost, I would like to thank God for giving me the strength, will and grace to start and complete this three weeks. For giving my family and friends wisdom in supporting us in the journey.

I would like to acknowledge my Son Aaron for a hard work, meeting every challenge he faced even when it was so hard, with positive attitude and enthusiasm and completed the three weeks and achieving the goal that was set for him. You never stop to amaze me Aaron. Extremely proud of you!

I would like to acknowledge my mom, who despite her recovery a few months ago, traveled with courage to support Aaron and I. When I grow up I want to be like you!

I would like to acknowledge my partner Marco Piccigallo, for his unshakable love, patience, and support by coming to LA physically and by standing with us from far in his absence so we can complete our three weeks. I love you!

I also would like to acknowledge the therapists at Napa Center and all the staff members for their dedication and vigorous dedication that had made a difference in Aaron’s life. Thank you for having this wonderful place for us.

I also would like to acknowledge our donors for their generosity without whom this wouldn’t have happened. You have made a difference for a child’s life and you have contributed to a community that we are building. I would like to acknowledge our core active AKfoundation team members David Drisbach, Tymn Urban, Catherine Ford, Rebecca Gaspar, Bhavana Chawla and no longer active member but who dedication to this cause speaks lauder in her heart and was a beautiful contribution for the launch of Aaronk Foundation Dakini Amitabha. None of this would have been possible without your dedication, creative minds, and contribution of your beautiful hearts!

Akoma Arts, Dr. Yonas Keleta ,Galen Getz , Abyssinic culture Bonny Getz Hala Dance Vassil and Maria Bebelekov, Sheamus Mullen, for sharing your beautiful talents, your generous hearts and helping us achieve our fund raising goals and making this journey possible. I am honored to have your support. Our sponsors for our event back on March 28th GSP Guitar sounds, AACI and Selam Gebeya . Thank you so much for making difference.

I would also like to say thank you to my team and management members who have called, coached me when I face difficulty and for their endless support of me and always for seeing the greatness in me. You guys are awesome!

Thank you Mary Gulart, Marisa Martiness, Jerry Gebreslasse, Jossie Yemane, Mulegeta Mikel Elena Vitale Dyakova for reaching out to us while we were here and supporting us with encouragement and love. It meant a lot!

Last but least, I would like to thank Ronald McDonald house for their great service.

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